HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA exists to build, staff, equip, and support orphan homes in order that they can become self-sustainable environments. HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA provides what we agree should be available to every child: a loving home, clothing, food, access to an education and someone to care for them.


The HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA take children in who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse, poverty, and sadly, sometimes all three. These children are either orphaned or abandoned and do not have a safe place to go. Social workers, police officers, or community members will often bring children to the HOUSES so that they will have a safe place away from the streets. Each of the HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA are built on church grounds and affiliated with the local church so that the children have a built-in community of people caring for them. Each congregation has committed themselves to caring for these children and through contributions largely from the US, provide for all their physical needs and spiritual nourishment.

Born out of a vision to see African churches caring for the growing number of AIDS orphans, African Leadership Development (ALD) partnered with World Orphans to see the first orphan homes in Temba, South Africa, become a reality. As the need has continued, ALD completed another HOHA home in Mamelodi, South Africa and in late 2012 another HOHA home opened in Whunga, Zimbabwe.  Since opening the first home in Zimbabwe, the need has grown so much that we are currently in the process of building a third home on the same property.